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About Us: We are “Placement Specialists” and act as a national clearinghouse representing many traditional and non-traditional sources of financing. Our only objective is to present our Clients with access to financial products and services delivered to them by a continually evolving and growing network of direct lenders, investors, specialty financial services and unique service providers.

Best of all; We charge no upfront fees and only get paid when you are successful. Our integrity, reputation and Client Satisfaction mean everything to us.

As our Client, we will ensure you receive competent advice and financial options to make the best borrowing decision possible. We like to say, “we will find you the best terms and conditions money can buy”. We will strive to present you with options, regardless of where your business is in its economic lifecycle e.g. start-up | mature | unprofitable| or other. Occasionally a borrower just wants the money for own personal investment like Real Estate, No Problem.

Using our confidential inquiry process we encourage to take that first step and introduce yourself. We will generally get back to you personally within 48 hours. We won’t “run your credit” OR “shop you around”. Only when you feel comfortable, confident and secure, will we get to work on your behalf.

  • MyCreditPro

    Personal Credit Restoration and Education. 280,000+ Clients without failure to remove a single derogatory. 2-year warrantee even if you experience new negatives on your credit report. Priced at $320.00 per individual and $420.00 per couple living in the same household.

  • Custom Business Credit – Clients can achieve up to $15MM

    This service establishes a revolving credit program in the name of the business. This service is comprised of multiple credit facilities or lenders that will match the growth and credit needs of your business. (see CustomCreditSolutions.pdf)

  • Supply Chain Financing | Factoring

    We understand the needs of clients that supply goods and services to third parties. Supply Chain Financing is an easy to use lending platform that advances payments due from your clients.

  • Alternative Business| Non-Bank Financing

    these loans arespecifically geared to fund start-ups, troubled or growing companies. These are generally non-bank lenders that provide financing to companies who CANNOT obtain adequate capital to further develop or maintain their business.

  • Unsecured Financing – Up to $1,000,000,000+ without the need for collateral

    Through a combination of Personal Loans and Revolving Lines of Credit, individuals can borrow money needed for starting ups, existing businesses or personal investment. Clients needing lesser amounts can choose which option they prefer.

  • 24 Hour Financing

    Get Approved for $15,000-$2000,000,000in as little as 24 Hours. We are an industry leader in saying yes to more businesses regardless of collateral, credit, duplicate loans, or other challenging business financing conditions.

We are the premier choice for all of your financial needs.
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