24 Hour Financing


When companies need quick access to cash, we know you don’t have time to wait.
We are an industry leader in saying yes to more businesses regardless of collateral, credit, duplicate loans, or other challenging business financing conditions.

What makes us different

There is no “One Size Fits All” option. We have direct, and in many cases reciprocal, relationships with dozens of the most prominent, well-respected, and specialty lenders in the industry.

The nature of our relationships, the standards that we are held accountable to, combined with our unique Client Matching (CMatch) process allows us to:

  • Match a lender who is best able to accommodate the unique business and financial conditions of our clients. Fact to consider: There are no 2 clients alike!
  • By doing so, we can obtain premium rates, terms, and conditions for our clients.
  • Experience lower rejection rates while protecting our client’s business and personal credit profile.
  • Same Day Funding : Experience faster funding times resulting from properly and ethically matching clients to the most appropriate lenders.

What You Should Know

Lenders are very specific in the types of clients they are willing to finance. Knowing this in advance is critical in successfully obtaining the “right financing”. Our CMatch process, allows us to properly and efficiently match A+ Credit to A+ lenders, match credit and/or cash flow challenged clients with the proper lenders OR match clients who have multiple loans with lenders who prefer this. This can, and often will, mean the difference between success and failure.

Being submitted to the wrong lender(s)

  • May cost you more money resulting from inferior terms and conditions
  • Slow the financing process down
  • Increase your chances of being declined
  • Increase your chances of being shopped around to multiple lenders which could result in multiple and unnecessary inquiries
  • Increase your chances of obtaining multiple loans or “Stacking” as opposed to a single loan
  • Just like a personal or business credit report, all this activity is recorded in a centralized database that all lenders refer to before financing anyone. This alone can disqualify many clients.

Apply today!   If anyone can get you financed successfully and quickly it will be The Money Tree and our CMatch process.

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