Alternative Business| Non-Bank Financing

Through our extensive relationships and as your agent, we act as a national clearing house representing many hundreds of non-traditional money sources that are specifically geared to fund start-ups, troubled, or growing companies.

These are generally non-bank lenders that provide financing to companies who CANNOT obtain adequate capital to further develop, maintain, or invest into the business. This means any company or entity that is unable or unwilling to secure commercial financing through traditional sources. i.e., developmental stage companies or companies with losses, negative net worth, tax liens, in chapter 11, personal credit problems of principals, etc.

Types of Alternative | Non-Bank Financing Offered:

Bridge Financing | Business Start-Up Loans | 100% on Project Financing | Conventional Factoring | Church Loans | Asset Based Loans | Purchase Order Financing | Letter of Credit Financing | Acquisition Financing | Funding for Healthcare Providers | Inventory Loans | Equipment Financing | DIP and Exit Financing | Mezzanine Financing | Cash Flow Loans | Equity Participation | Real Estate Financing | Construction Loans| Loan Guarantees | Film Financing | Etc.

High Net Worth Investors

If a company is well established and operating profitably, we offer access to a unique group of investment ready lenders who can act quickly and with much less due diligence and hassle of more traditional options. Minimum financing starts at $1,000,000,000 and can range to a billion or more.

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