Welcome and thank you for your interest in The Money Tree’s ProRemoval Credit Rehabilitation & Education System (MyCreditPro). In the background to follow, we are going to introduce you to a unique and proprietary credit rehabilitation system that is legal, deceit-less and highly effective. MyCreditPro can very quickly and very positively affect your credit score, EVEN if you are currently having your credit repaired. To date, with over 280,000+ clients and counting, this system has been used by 3500+ law firms and attorneys, over 2000 mortgage companies, and 22,000+ loan officers throughout the United States.

In addition to Credit Rehabilitation, you are going to have access to a system of support services and products when you purchase MyCreditPro. This includes a 65-part credit educational series E-BOOK, the Credit Blueprint Newsletter Series, Classroom Training Series, & the proprietary ProRemovalSystem.

Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the information we have prepared to help you better understand this vital area of economic importance. You should find this material to be reassuringly simple and understandable for what most find is a confusing, intimidating, and expensive area of expertise. And finally, with this information, you will be more knowledgeable, more confident, and in control of your ability to make better decisions for improving your credit.


MyCreditPro is a process that follows the laws of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and challenges the right of the three credit bureaus; TransUnion, Equifax and Experian, to report your credit information without verification or the proper documentation of those accounts listed on your credit report.

We use the Fair Credit Reporting Act to force the credit bureaus into legal compliance with the law.  By these laws, FCRA requires, from all 3 bureau,s that all information reported on your credit report:  Must have documentation; This documentation be on hand at their repository;  Such documentation must be available to you at the time of your request.

We dispute the credit bureaus right to publish any credit information about you for which they do not have documentable proof on hand, as they are required by law.  “A consumer reporting agency is not required to remove accurate derogatory information from a consumer’s file unless the information is outdated under section 609 or it cannot be verified.”

To date, we have yet to receive any “proof documents” from any of the three credit repositories. Without proof, the three credit bureaus must permanently delete any disputed postings.  Our ProRemoval System has never lost a single case… NOT EVEN ONE!

What Kinds of Negative Events Can Be Removed from Credit Reports? ALL OF THEM!
Repossessions | Bankruptcies | Late Payments | Tax Liens | Judgments |Foreclosures |Charge-offs | Inaccurate Entries | Child Support Delinquencies | Student Loans | Delinquencies | Etc.

The MyCreditPro Process

The law allows up to 22 challenges per credit bureau at a time.  As negative items are removed, FICO scores will start to improve  within 30 days. Our substantial experience has demonstrated an average derogatory removal rate of 87%.  Generally, full results will take an average of 90-150 days, again depending on your credit report.  MyCreditProis backed by a “2 Year Continuous Removal Guarantee”, which allows you two full years of protection FREE!  EVEN IF YOU EXPERIENCE A NEGATIVE CREDIT EVENT DURING THIS TIME! (The free process can be longer if the debtor has an extremely large number of negative items… if this is the case…there are no fees!) Eventually, credit scores can improve an average of 60 to 120+ points. Because everyone’s  credit report is different, the process length and results will vary.

Comparison MyCreditPro Others
87% Removal
Full 2 Year Protection
Permanent Removal
One Time Cost
All Negatives Can Be Removed
Ethical and Legal

By Comparison

Credit Repair companies could potentially perform a useful service, but in practice they stretch the law (encouraging debtors to perjure themselves) and prey on those with bad credit by claiming to clean up credit records. Basically, they take a debtor’s credit report and challenge the accuracy of every negative item on the report — even when the debtor knows it’s accurate. After they challenge an item, the credit bureau is required to put it on “In Dispute” status and launch an investigation, which means asking the creditor to verify that item. The creditor has 30 days to respond. If they don’t, the credit bureau removes it. However, credit repair companies try to force the credit bureaus to remove even accurate items, which is where the debtor using their service is committing perjury. Credit repair companies are counting on the creditors and credit bureaus to be inefficient, sometimes they are successful. But, the negative item(s) can be re-reported the next reporting cycle. When this happens, the debtor is back where they started.

It is important to note that while an item may be deleted from one credit bureau’s report, it can remain on the other two. Credit bureaus hate the credit repair companies. They will stall and misdirect challenges which come from these companies and not from the debtors themselves. Using credit repair companies to protest every negative item can get the credit report flagged for “review and security”. Therefore, when a person undergoing traditional “credit repair” applies for future loans they will have to provide additional information and verification so that the creditor is protected against future claims.

In Closing

We hope you can easily see the stark differences in the two approaches outlined, differences you should consider very carefully when deciding how you will approach improving your credit profile. Please feel free to reach out to The Money Tree and discuss your personal and confidential credit situation.


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